admin-tech solutions for you

helping humans,

supporting dreams

Creating Solutions for the doers.

On-Demand Operations, 24/7, while saving Time and Money

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Granting our users immediate access to admin capacity, without RECRUITMENT , CONTRACTS, TRAINING, MANAGEMENT, or PAYROLL



We keep your business running 24/7 with our expert admin support.


Get on-demand admin services whenever you need them.


Full service access to take your business to the next level.


Your trusted partner for all your admin support needs.

Vision and Promise

Virtual Operative Services was created for a singular purpose – Empowering You to Do Less, Empowering You to Be More

Our Goal


We have created all the systems and have our team waiting patiently, for YOU – Giving you on-demand support, wherever you are, all through a Single Interaction

Meeting Your Needs – On Demand

We exist so you can

Be Human Again –

Live, Connect,

Without the fear of

Missing a an Email,
Being Late to a Meeting,

Consolidating your Books,
Doing that Report

Already have a Team –


We can support You and your Team

At no extra Cost,

Giving your organization an Edge
over your competition,

Helping you Complete Projects

In Record Time

We are Excited to add to your Team,

Supporting them

During Travel,

on  Evenings,

Overnight Work,

Off-days, Weekends,

Public Holidays,

Even when You’re all on Leave,

We are Here

On The Go Support

For all those Impromptu Client Calls,

Making sure that you are

Always Ahead

In-between Meetings

We can consolidate your

Previous Meeting,

Helping You Prepare for the next

An On-Demand Assistant,

In Your pocket

Discover how people are using VOS, On – demand

Our service model allows each user to have their own bespoke journey with VOS. Every user has access to our full service range, according to their hours, allowing them to truly own their usership journey.

“Small business owners who need help with day-to-day administrative tasks such as data entry, scheduling appointments, and responding to emails.”

“Entrepreneurs who need assistance with bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation.”

“Freelancers who require support with project management, invoicing, and payment processing.”

“Non-profit organizations that need help with grant writing, fundraising, and event planning.”

“Event planners who need assistance with vendor coordination, logistics, and budget management.”

“Human resource managers who require support with recruiting, onboarding, and employee relations.”

“Businesses or Entrepreneurs who need help with travel arrangements, scheduling, and expense management.”

“Social media managers who require assistance with content creation, posting, and analytics tracking.”

“Real estate agents who need help with property listings, scheduling showings, and closing coordination.”

“Legal professionals who require assistance with research, document preparation, and case management.”

“Medical professionals who need help with patient scheduling, billing, and insurance claims.”

“Online store owners who require support with inventory management, customer service, and order fulfillment.”

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