How to use the VOS app

Our core service is developing technology to employ virtual operators and enable users on – demand.

Here’s how the app works, step by step:

Step 1

The user requests a simple or complex task.

(With the option to make it recurring)

Step 2

The request is confirmed and accepted by the VOS traffic team.

Step 3

A skilled V.O. picks up and completes the task according to your request.

Step 4

The V.O. completes your request.

Step 5

The user confirms the job, and the user and V.O rate each other from 1 – 10.


All incoming User requests are reviewed by our traffic team to certify them ready for the V.O.

All outgoing V.O work is Timed and Reviewed by our traffic team to certify it ready, making sure that it fits your brief.